hats off to you

July 22, 2012

I hope you guys understand I want to move on from the sadness surrounding Opah’s passing. I’ve received so many emails and messages of condolences and I’d like to thank each one of you. Opah’s not one to like me being gloomy and sad, it always made her sad. So as much as I miss her and I will always do, I want to also bounce back and be happy again because she’s in a better place, Insyaallah and there’s nothing sad about that. Her memories live in with me, and even more apparent in MY OPAH category on this blog. I’m so glad I documented moments with her in writing, and I suggest some of you do the same with your loved ones because it’s so nice to have vivid memories.

I have so much to write about: bridal shower part 3, the wedding receptions, the new home progress, work updates. But for now, I’ll just update a PD Daily.

A few days ago, Kim snapped and edited this for me. I loveeeeee her.

Shirt: Husky & Tree, RM 70

(comes in one size, I had to belt it because it was slightly big)

Necklace: Dua by Marshella, RM 70

(so many other colours, layer them as well if you want a bolder look)

Hat: courtesy of Kim