honeymoon in pangkor

July 9, 2012

So for our honeymoon, we went to Pangkor Laut Resort.

A little secret about me, I am terrified of beaches.

I don’t really go on beach holidays, I have no idea what to pack for a beach holiday, I have no idea what SPF 300 means.

Like every single wave I was like omg that’s a mini tsunami. I was loving being with Dean, but the whole time I was thinking “God, pls no tsunami. God, pls no die yet. God, I just got married.”

Like WHY ON EARTH would you expose yourself to that kind of danger voluntarily? Sigh, but I married a diver. So joke’s on me.

So, thank you, God for letting us come back safely.

We had an awesomeeeeeee time!!! I would so recommend Pangkor Laut Resort to all. We stayed in one of the Spa Villages and it was one of the “houses” on the water. Waking up and seeing the view was just mind-blowing. When I wasn’t worrying about tsunami, I was actually admiring the clear water and the islands from far.

Then I saw a big fat lizard and I quickly shut the door tight.

The whole 3 days, we just went for the spa. Hours of pampering, dipping ourselves in a hot tub with flowers and lime, sunset dinner by the beach, cold drinks being served at your beck and call. Dean really really spoiled me, just wanted me to relax and not think about work. It worked. After seeing the infinity pool, I was like FashionValet whaaattt?

Some pics to share:

The entrance

Ummm it was very cold?

Super romantic

A crab!! I almost fainted.

Now we’re back to reality.

We’re now both on our laptops finishing up some work while watching TV.

“Let’s watch some E!.” 

5 minutes into Tia and Tamera, Dean turns to me “I really don’t understand what they’re on about. This show is stupid. Can we please change channel?”

He changes it to some Angels and Demons whatnot.

I turn to him, “I really don’t understand what they’re on about. Everyone’s so moody.”

“It’s ok, I’ll tell you about it later,” and continues watching it intently.

Marriage has started, huh guys?