move in with me

July 23, 2012

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Looking for a property to live in is a big thing, so make sure you scout a lot and take your time, if you can. Sure took Dean and I a good few months before we decided.

I stumbled upon this and thought this App was pretty cool, so I’d like to share it with you guys.

Arte @ Subang West made this app on their Facebook page and it basically wants you to explore their property and invite your friends to “move in” with you! Haha.

Guess what the grand prize is? A 46-INCH SAMSUNG TV!!!!

Your house. You can add more floors and group your friends accordingly.

Can even change the names of your floor. Like “Mamak Crew” or “Gossip Attic”. Keep it clean because others can see your house too!

 For every 10 move-ins you get, you will unlock one penthouse occupier, and you can chat with them in the chatroom. Ask them anything you want!

Try this App here –>