omg talk show

July 26, 2012

Even in Ramadhan, people are still working hard! Like this new show called OMG that will air in September. They’ve been shooting episodes back to back and they invited me to be a guest for their celebrity segment for an episode.

Was really fun. It was more just talking and chilling. But of course, I’m not very good at that when the camera is in my face. That’s why Asma’ said we will never be able to have our own show. Haha. That’s also why I never wanted to be in Dress Me Up FashionValet series. Chicken.

Anyway, I survived and they didn’t kick me off their set.

Some pics to share:

Sazzy Falak and Razif Hashim shooting an episode before mine.

Sazzy’s wearing Chic Yamada fishtail skirt available in 3 colours on FV here. Looked so nice on her!

My topic was on friendship and how I deal with backstabbing friends and fallouts.

Fun and dandy, huh?? Hehe.

Showing Sazzy something, I can’t remember.

Sazzy Falak’s coming up with a fashion line that will be available on FV very soon! Stay tuned.

What I wore:

Top: Kiss & Tell leopard shirt, RM 79

Necklace: Antyk Butyk diamond necklace, RM 75 (available in many colours)

Shoes: Kiss & Tell heels, RM 99 (in many colours and designs)

In the spirit of Ramadhan, I’d like to wish everyone a blessed month and may we all change for the better, Insyaallah.

P/S: Had a dream of Opah smiling and she said she wanted some chocolate (her actual word was cekelat). Made me smile and then cry for a bit. Sheesh Opah! Miss you loads.

Some of you have been extremely sweet about Opah and even requested for her full name to include in your prayers. I’m sure she’d appreciate that so much, so if you’d like to sedekah prayers, her full name is Hajah Selamah binti Abdul Rahman. God bless you guys.