serenade me

July 13, 2012

Every girl dreams of her guy serenading her with beautiful music, macho voice and toned arms maybe strumming the guitar.

My dad does it to my mom while he strums his guitar, although he is developing a not-so-sexy belly now.

My guy?

*cricket sound*

Well he tries. My fist as his microphone, his eyes straight into mine, and he starts lip-syncing to my favourite songs in the world.

Except that Dean, as wonderful as he is, isn’t very talented in the singing department. HAHAAHAH. Seriously guys, people actually say “Astarghfirullah….. what was that?!” But he loves singing to me for fun. I make sure the door is shut, for everybody’s sake. I’ll take the bullet, it’s ok.

But really, he makes me laugh so hard and we have so much fun taking turns to croak out song verses while he hugs me tight and twirls me around. Sigh.

“Awww finish song already?! So short. Come on, sayang, another one.” He excitedly said.

“Err no no. It’s ok. I don’t deserve another song.” I begged.

“Of course you do. You’re my wife. I sing to you, I sing to you.”

“Owhh goody….”

*Grabs my hand in the air and starts singing into my fist*

“Don’t I sound just like Ne-yo?”

“You sound wayyyyy better than him!!”

Lying to make your husband feel good is pahala, right?

People always say love fades after a few years, but I sure hope it won’t happen to us. As hectic or busy as work or family life gets, I pray that Dean and I will always find time to laugh and enjoy each other as much as we can. Always be positive!

Just to share, these are some of our favourite songs (in case any of you are getting married and need a video song! I sure know how hard it is to choose one):