sipping hot chocolate

July 30, 2012

I turned to Dean randomly.

“Let’s plan our next trip. I feel like going somewhere with mountains and a nice cozy lodge.”

“Since when are you into those?”

“Oh you know, it could be cute. I want to wear like an oversized knit sweater and leg warmers….”

“You just want this trip because you want a photo of you in that.”


He added, “Like that, we can just go to the top of Bukit Tunku and I’ll take pictures of you in sweater and leggings ok? You can even hug your arms tight like it’s winter…”

“Very funny. No, but wouldn’t it be nice to just chill and sip hot chocolate in the cold…”

“Ok, we’ll turn on the aircond really high and get Kak Ana to make us milo ok?”

Ish. Rational guys are annoying.