August 10, 2012

So last night, Dean and I were scouting for house appliances and looking for dustbins, vacuums, air purifiers, TVs, the works.

It was so much fun!!

Until, of course, we flipped over and checked out the price tag.

A Dyson vacuum cleaner for RM 2,000, a nice Brabantia dustbin for RM 899, the same Brabantia dustbin but with colour (soooo nice!) for RM 1,899 (*jaw to floor*), those squeeze water mops for like RM 200… all these little little things add up to a lot!

Then I saw a Kitchen Aid mixer for RM 2799.

“Oh, but we have a promotion now. If you buy this, we’ll give you a free hand blender!” the sales assistant said with much enthusiasm.

I just smiled. I didn’t want to be rude, but what on earth is a hand blender?!!!

We moved on to the electrical store to scout for TVs.

My eyes were glued to the smaller house appliances they had Β there; iron, steamer, rice cooker…. Then I saw a really nice coloured thermos jug.

“Omg let’s get that hot pink one! I could use it to pour tea for you,” I begged Dean.

“Umm, that’s a kettle…”


Well, they looked the same. Spout and all, who would know. Pftt.

We spent the longest time at the TV section, of course because Dean wanted to try out every single TV they had. He even pretended we were in our living room, and squatted down to gauge where the sofa would be (btw we still haven’t found our sofa).

42″, 47″, 50″, 55″…. I had to learn all this.

The salesman showed us this pretty cool Samsung TV.

It had hand sensor whatnot, and you can actually wave at the TV and use hand movements to adjust the volume, to turn on Skype, to change channel, all sorts of things! Without even getting up from your couch. (Human beings are freaking lazy these days, we’re disgusting…)

Dean and I were pretty impressed…… until the guy showed us how he does it.

I mean, waving at your TV?

No one would look sane doing that!