brothers and sisters

August 31, 2012

I married into a family of 5 brothers and let me tell you it’s a whole new discovery.


Futsal at 11 pm. Normal.

Badminton along the house hallway. Normal.

Cursing at the TV during football. Normal.

Staring at a game on screen for 5 hours straight. Normal.

Talk about the game over dinner. Normal.

Burger King at 11 pm. Perfectly normal.

Discussing girls. Apparently not normal among brothers….


I’m constantly amazed and I think they’re trying to figure out having a sister too.


Leaving the house at 8.30 pm when appointment’s at 8.

A gazillion beauty products on the toilet counter.

Channel 712.

Discussing Kardashian’s latest dress.

Eyelash curler.

Having a nail buffer kit in the handbag.

(Now they actually dig into my handbag to shine their own nails in public…)


It’s always fun and I think having brothers are awesome. They’re understanding and actually quite loving and protective. It’s like having 4 bodyguards as brothers.

Tonight I decided to join them (after some heavy persuasion) to play squash. (At 10.30 pm… my routine meeting with my couch sigh…)

Of course they had to wait for me to get ready. They were already in their full-on dri-fit whatnot and sleeveless sports tee, looking all buffed and ready with their rackets.

Then I walked into the living room.

“Are you going to play squash like that?”

“Well this was all I could find!”

Brainy T-shirt doesn’t cut it??