easy target

August 25, 2012

Everytime I walk into a kitchen shop, I feel like I’m wearing this “Will Buy Anything” label on my forehead. It’s like they know, those saleswomen!! Because I swear, they follow me around and keep showing me new items. Maybe it’s because I keep saying Wooahhh and my eyes keep getting bigger and bigger. And I guess I shouldn’t have held up that colorful spatula and squealed “Oh myyy!”

Oh she’s a newlywed, sure buy wan….

Which is not exactly incorrect, to be honest.

This wan ah, very good buy! I only show you the promotion wan…very good buy.

There were eyes around me just staring at what I’d do next. Oldweds shaking their heads probably thinking what a sucker this girl is. Don’t act like you don’t want it too! Pfttt. Obviously I told the salesgirl I didn’t need it. As soon as the old weds turned around… “Ok, I’ll get it but hurry and pack it, thank you!”

Today’s damage:

More JosephJoseph items.

I found another shop in 1 Mont Kiara mall that sells an even bigger range of their collection!! Went mental for a while.

After I paid for the bill, I walked out of the shop with my head down, speechless. But that didn’t last long… I mean, the lady said the items will last 10-15 years! So if I divide my bill with the number of days….woahhh what a bargain! I actually saved money.

Oh I also bought a baking set after I flipped through some dessert cookbooks this morning and salivated.

RM 99 for a 4-piece baking set!

But that’s still on the floor because I’m still hugging my JosephJoseph boxes.