filling in the kitchen

August 22, 2012

I had plenty of time to do up the home and go buy stuff.

We went grocery shopping to fill up the new fridge and we bought so much stuff!!

This was only half of it.

Cardigan: The Flapperwings Project

The bill came up to RM 600 and I was quite shocked. Will it be like this every time? Marriage is expensive!

I’m going to frame this up as one of our many firsts.

It was quite funny in the grocery store. I was acting all pro in front of Dean. “Uh-huh, so we need onions, garlic, all those herbs and spices. Oh! And ginger! I can’t cook without my ginger…” I said in a duhhhh-I-love-ginger tone.

I really had no idea what dish uses ginger, to be honest.

So we arrived at the ginger area.

“Ok, so choose the best ginger then.” Dean waited for me, observing my choosing-ginger skills.

“Oh well, yeah, they’re all the same. We just have to choose the one that… that suits me most.”

I reached out my hand to take one of the gingers, then I realized there was a problem. Man, there are different types of ginger!!! Young, old, baby…. surprised they didn’t have teenage ginger. I swear they all look identical, I could lie my way through if it didn’t have huge labels on them. Why can’t they be like garlic, just one type… (unless there really are other types, in which case please don’t tell me)

“Ummm so which one does your mom usually get?” I asked Dean.

Obviously he didn’t know.

“Just get this one, then. It’s the most expensive one so it must be the best one.”


It later turned out to be the wrong ginger btw.

Besides grocery, we bought some fun kitchen stuff. I am in love with this new brand Joseph Joseph and I found out later that they have a website!! I want to buy everything. Online shopping is awesomeeeee!! Yep, even for kitchen stuff.

A chopping board that can fold

A drainer thing for my pasta (or realistically, maggi goreng)

Sink organizer that is cutely named Caddy.

And I also found something else in that shop. And this was my ultimate favourite!!!

When I first showed Dean, he was like oh nice so cool, but he walked away.

So I just grabbed it and put it at the counter.

I needed to have it…







An egg tower!!!!!!

How cool is that?!

I imagined going home, and carefully arranging each egg to make a nice spiral. And when I want to use it, I’d just pluck it out of the tower. And when Dean would ask me “Do we need to buy eggs?”, I’d just say “Hold on, let me check the tower.”

HAHAHA. Too. Cool.

I was so excited I told my BIL and MIL about my new friend.

“Look at this! I love it,” I showed them.

“How are you going to put that in the fridge?” they asked.

*cricket sound*

Umm…say what now? You have to put eggs in the fridge??