first meal at home

August 23, 2012

Ok seriously this living independently business is getting funnier and funnier.

We had no cutlery, we had no dustbin, we had no rice cooker, we broke our kitchen towel holder, we chased cicak around the house screaming like maniacs, I found a dead cockroach and cried, we spoiled one fountain ornament that someone gave us as a wedding gift (we are soooo sorry!!), we had no pillows or blanket that we had to go to my inlaws house in the middle of the night to steal some, I had to send laundry back home because we didn’t have the washing liquid (or rather, I have no idea how to work the washing machine), our clothes are all over our parents’ houses.

We’re like 2 foreigners who don’t speak the language.

So lately, we have been focusing on the home and getting our life sorted.

Some awesome people got us cooking pots at the wedding, so I was excited to start cooking!

I think I have a secret passion for cooking because I can’t stop flipping cooking books that Nona got me, and marking which ones I want to try. And of course, buying all these kitchen gadgets and whatsapping Stella and Sofia all the way in London to get me some. I’m obsessed.

So anyway…

I was excited to cook for Dean that day. Already had the dish in mind; pasta bake!

I was going to fry onions and minced beef, boil the pasta, cook the sauce, sprinkle the cheese…etc etc.

I was grinning from ear to ear, thinking about us having dinner on the couch and having a nice movie on Stevie.

We went to the supermarket to get all the ingredients and came back with bags of other things.

I carefully unpacked each bag and put them in their places, unknowingly humming a chirpy song.

Our first ever home cooked meal as husband and wife, I thought happily. Oh, Mom and Dad would be so proud!

I was going to get ready to cook, when suddenly something hit me.

“Ermmm baby…. slight problem here….”

I looked for Dean.






“…..we don’t have the tong gas thingy.”

No gas = no fire = no cooked food

I was so disappointed, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at this epic failure in Basic Life 101.

So yeah…. change of plans that night!