first night in the new home

August 18, 2012

If you asked me, I would only move in to our new home after Raya. But this Dean was so excited when we got our TV that he practically packed my clothes for me.

We had our first night ever in the new home last night, so to bless it, we had an intimate doa selamat do with our families and the imam.

It was so nice having them over and helping us out with moving in.

They laid out mats…

They helped take photos….

Hehe. My beloved sister and my adorable nephew.

Dean and his brothers.

Grey T-shirt: Pop.Muse.Sic zodiac t-shirt

Eldest BIL and SIL who are giving us another nephew!

Scarf: Mukaa

Eating his heart out since he won’t be eating much after we move in…Muahaha…

Baju Melayu: Jakel

May God bless us in our new home.

After our family left, I realized how quiet life is without Astro. I could hear every single squeak and creak, and it was pretty scary at first. But I was even more scared that I couldn’t wake up for sahur (so used to our moms knocking on our doors when we stayed with them). Obviously I had to wake up earlier to prepare food for Dean, so if I don’t wake up, he would miss sahur too! Oh the pressure.

But phew I woke up in time.

I served him food and then I realized….. we have no cutlery!!! We rushed moving in that we have no pots and pans, no cutlery, no rice cooker… Thank God I found some soup spoons (the chinese kinds) and convinced Dean that it’s the new cool way of eating.

Note to self: Steal some forks and spoons from mom’s house.

Tonight we’re at home after a long day outside. And now I’m worried again what to serve him for sahur.

“I think I want some Nutella toasts.” Dean answered when I asked him what he wanted.

“Nutella?!! I can’t serve my husband that. That’s not even a meal.”

“But usually I have them not toasted. This time I want them toasted, so it’s a bit more special.”

I should just shut up and be thankful he didn’t ask for nasi briyani or something.

Nutella it is!

Oh crap… we don’t have a knife to spread the Nutella on the bread. Aiyooooo!