interns needed

August 24, 2012

Some FV love from me, Kim and Asma’.

My awesome earrings are from Kamelia.

We had an awesome long holiday recently and before we parted, we had a nice time together and salam-salam for all the stuff we say behind each other’s backs. Muahaha.

We’re all rested and now we’re aggressively working to get things moving again. (a bit hard when we’ve all put on weight after tons of ketupat…)

Things are crazy in the office, so we’re going to start hiring big time. Dean and I are still coming up with a list of available positions, but for now….


Anyone interested to have a feel of how it’s like to work behind the FV glass doors?

Whatever your degree/major is, we think it’s still a nice experience to be at FV and learn about the ins and outs of the online retail business. We need interns in production, operations, marketing and buying. But most of the time, interns get to do all of the above because Dean and I want them to learn as much as they can. Interns are also involved in meetings with the core team, and are required to speak out and get a cookie in return.

Email with your resumes and specific interests (if any).