my first pancakes

August 27, 2012

Your parents can send you to good schools, you can get good results, you can get a law degree. And you can still mess up a freaking pancake.

Seriously, it was simple. The box said, “Super Easy! Just add milk and eggs!”


I wanted to surprise Dean with fluffy American pancakes, bought the nice maple syrup and everything.

Was excited to use my Josephjoseph double measuring cup.

So after measuring intently the pancake batter, I added the egg.

Just like the stupid box said.

My clever brain thought I should mix the egg. So I did. After a few stirs, the pancake batter became lumps of orange stuff.

Hmmm… ok never mind, I’ll just add the milk to soften it I guess.

Add milk.

Now it became a bowl of orange lumps with white sauce.

Or like sago melaka with santan, except with orange bits.

No way… the box said add milk and eggs, which was what I did, I thought to myself.

I tried to break the lumps as much as I could, and when my arms hurt, I decided to just give it a go.

Yes, I intended to make shapes okkk!! Ish.

Anyway, the pancake was no good. There were egg pieces in the pancake, it was like cooking something with hard boiled egg inside.

It was disgusting.

I tried again, the second batter. This time I added the milk first, then the egg. And that turned out ok.

So technically, I wasn’t wrong. The box was wrong. It wasn’t me.

The second batch wasn’t good either.


But Dean ate 4 and then turned to me and said, “The best pancakes ever, baby. I love them. Thank you.”

Ahhhh a glimpse of hope to becoming Martha Stewart.

“OMG reallyyyy?!! Do you want some more, I could make you some more!!” I said, getting ready to stand up.

“Umm no, it’s ok…” Dean still smiled white stroking my hair.


But still… so sweet of him to lie.