one month mark

August 4, 2012

We passed our 1 month mark of being married recently and I am still on cloud 9.

It feels so weird that I can touch him in front of my mom. And one night, we even went out for a movie and Mom didn’t say anything!! I went out at night with a boy, guys!! She just said “Have fun!” and I almost had a fever out of shock. Sometimes I like to annoy Mom and I’d touch Dean’s face, “Look mom, I can touch him now and you can’t scold me….Muahahaha.” Of course she ignores me and continues watching TV, but still I know she saw. Pfttt.

One month in, sometimes I forget I’m married!

“Can you please make me a cup of tea?” Dean asked me recently.

What the, this guy is ordering me around. Who does he think he is??

“Pftttt very funny….” I said, which is what I would have normally said when he was my boyfriend.

Dean gave me a confused look.

Why does the guy look so shocked?? The nerveee…….Omgggg he’s my husband!!ย 

“Err, I mean, of course honey. I would love to make you tea.”

*sent my butt straight to the kitchen*