putting my feet up

August 21, 2012

The best thing about Raya is that it gives us a few days of just rest and spending time with your loved ones. I’ve had like 4 days of no work and no office, and we’ve given FV another extra day of holiday so FV only resumes back on Thursday. So as much as I miss the hustle and bustle, I am loving this free time. A hot drink, feet up on the sofa, watching Modern Family until 3 am. Ahhh the life.

Today Dean and my dad were supposed to go out for a drive outside KL to quench their thirst for fast cars. In the end, the grandchildren came and all of us took the van and drove around with screaming kids and sleepy wives. Had breakfast, drove slowly in the rain, watched DVDs at the back of the van. No make up, no heels, no work thoughts, it was just laughter and relaxation. It’s hard to have all of us together nowadays because everyone’s usually so busy, so I was loving every minute of it.

Simple batik cropped top, jeans and a big cardigan.

Top: Working Hours Kama

I love all of the Working Hours batik prints!