raya 2012

August 21, 2012

This Raya is my first Raya as a married person. We heard all sorts of stories about how hard it will be choosing between 2 families etc etc, but thank God Dean and I are quite lucky. Our families live 10 mins from each other so we could go back and forth between the 2 quite easily and we get to spend ample time with the people we love.

After sembahyang Raya at the mosque, Dean’s family came over to beraya with my parents.

Was quite fun, all the brothers got lectured by my dad about business and life. Muahahaha.

We had the minta ampun session where we kneel and salam to ask for forgiveness from our elders.

(except my sister. I salam-ed her and said “I forgive you.”)

Then we moved to beraya at Dean’s place and met with BIL and SIL.

My new family.

My two treasures.

Always my favourite guy in the world.

In the baju that our FIL picked out for us.

My earrings: Ola

My sister giving Dean’s first duit raya.

My sister’s outfit: ZAZA Delizioso

Duit raya from family. Burp.

(Love this tradition that we all give each other duit raya)

Dean’s family usually goes back to Negeri Sembilan after lunch, so we did that. That was a first for me!! Since all my grandparents lived with us to their last days, I have not had a kampung in the longest time.

The whole time in the car, I was practicing my eden and ese. It didn’t help that Dean doesn’t know all these stuff.

I was quite shocked when I saw the big family. Dean has like a gazillion cousins and I’m still in the process of learning names and faces! Haha. They’re such nice people though, they really treated me like I belong. It got a bit hot, and they gave me a T-shirt to get comfortable in. So yes, after a while, I gladly transformed into the baggy T-shirt and kain kurung look, and lied down on the floor with the rest of the ladies.

Dean giving out duit raya at his grandpa’s house.

Yep, that’s right.

Our first year of giving duit raya.

I had to fill up the packets and I was so worried that I accidentally put an extra note and some kids would be hurt or unhappy. Haha.

But no one gave us evil stares, so phewww.



Hope you guys have a safe journey wherever you are, and please be safe on the road especially with the pouring rain everyday.