sk-II shoot

August 29, 2012

I was ecstatic when I found out I was selected to be in an SK-II experiment along with 4 other Malaysian personalities.

We had to try the Miracle Water everyday for 14 days and give regular updates back to Singapore office.

Finally they flew us all to Singapore and we met the Singaporean personalities too (they were hawttt).

The product is not new to me as I’ve used it throughout uni days and I loved it! With all the sleepless nights studying and not partying hard (hi dad!), I needed some uplifting radiance and I cheated with this bottle. So I was happy to use it again! Loved how my skin felt even after a few days of using it.

With makeup extraordinaire Khir Khalid.

He did my makeup for my engagement ceremony and he was a ball of fun.

With Nini Marini, a super influencial icon in the showbiz industry producing so many programmes.

I loved the side wave they did for me, but can never seem to duplicate it on my own.

Top: PU3 Unique Collar Top

Earrings: Marshella Molek pearls

The ad has come out in magazines in Malaysia now. Did you guys see any?

Try the Treatment Essence for 14 days and see what it does to you!