stevie’s new friends

August 17, 2012

Er yeah so we’ve been taking our time with the sofa set.

We’ve got the rest; the bed, the dining table, the TV etc. But sofa was the hardest for us. Maybe because we’re such couch potatoes when we’re at home that we know we’d spend a lot of time gluing our butts to the sofa. So it’s gotta be special to get such prestigious butt recognition.

We didn’t really want leather because we couldn’t find a set that didn’t look too old-man-ish. We didn’t really want heavy patterned fabric because we wanted simple and classy. But nothing tickled our fancy.

We gave up for a while after visiting 4 or 5 places.

One day, we decided to just have a romantic dinner out for 2. We haven’t been focusing on each other much because work is hectic in Ramadhan month, so we thought we’d spend some time just putting aside work talk and know…stare into each other’s eyes and stuff. Just kidding! We were eavesdropping people’s conversations and discussing it over cantonese kuey teow.

While waiting for buka, we decided to walk around the furniture shops in BSC. We knew everything would be expensive and we weren’t counting on finding anything for us, but what the heck. Let’s feel bad about ourselves and touch expensive furniture.

We walked into Gudang (I’m in love with everything there btw) and our eyes just locked at this one living room set.

It was perfect. Cream, classy, comfortable..

“Do we dare look at the price?”

“Whatever man, let’s just ask the lady when she can deliver.”

So of course we listened to the more realistic one between us, and we asked for the price.

We were so shocked!!! It was on discount, it came with a coffee table AND 2 side tables, and it was wayyyyy cheaper than ONE sofa set at the other places we’ve seen.

“Be cool, baby, be cool….Can’t look too desperate…be cool…” I whispered to Dean when I saw his pupils dilating.

“WE’LL TAKE IT!!!!” He jumped at the lady.


Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just sipping tea on my beautiful couch.

Cardigan: ZAZA (Super freaking comfy!! And comes in many colours)

Ahhh… cream, classy, comfortable and cheap.

The 4 Cs in furniture.

Moral of the story: Never be afraid to walk into a shop and ask. You might just find a crazy deal like we did.