the arrival of the bed

August 7, 2012

So for the past month that we’ve been married, we actually have been living off our parents. One week at mine, one week at Dean’s, and then back at mine. Rotating like nomads hehe. I’m enjoying it really, because it’s nice to be with your families especially during Ramadhan. Also the added bonus of me not having to prepare food at 4 in the morning. *cringe*

In the meantime, we are slowly getting our own place ready.

Today was an important day.

The bed arrived!!!

Waited 3 weeks for this baby to come.

So we waited anxiously for them to fix it up.

My FIL wanted to come see the place, and ended up buying us brooms and mops because it was super dusty! *blush*

Super awkward. Pretty sure I just moved the dust around instead of sweeping them up really good. I’m learning, ok??!!!!

I didn’t bring any slippers to the currently empty house and after a while my back was about to break, so I went barefoot. Semangat!

After sweeping the whole place…..

He washed my feet, guys!!

Sighhh I love him loads.

Anyway, for now we only have the bed and other loose furniture we managed to steal from our parents’ houses.

Now we’re desperate to buy a good sofa set.

Cos clearly sharing butt spaces like this isn’t healthy.

Any suggestions? I quite like some IKEA ones I saw.

I’m wearing a white blazer I bought in Shanghai and Forever 21 jeans. 

My brothers-in-law are wearing t-shirts from FV MEN.