September 21, 2012

Ok yes, I admit I have not been shopping anywhere else besides FashionValet for a while, simply because I don’t have time to shop outside. But when you get an invitation to go to the H&M Grand Opening in KL, you make time you hear me!

Was crazy, the whole shop was packed with guests, never-ending flow of hors d’oeuvres and drinks. I, of course didn’t care for them because I came for the clothes!

I also met loads of familiar faces, but the music was so loud we could only have 2 sentence conversations before we got tired of shouting to each other.

“HOW ARE YOU?!!!!!!!!!”

“I’M FINE, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

With Didie

With 7-months preggers Hunnymads

Then I couldn’t take any more photos what with the clothes hangers all over my arms.

Asma’ and I were determined to cover all areas of the 2-floor shop, and even with aching feet and sweat, we didn’t care. Perseverance!

We saw Marissa there too, but that one’s a loser. Gave up because of cramps. Pffttt weak.

“Come on don’t be lazy Marissa. Be useful please. Here, take our picture.”

My top’s from VivianCo‘s new collection that will be out on FV next week.

I wore my Antyk Butyk necklace again. And I made the right choice because sooooo many fashionistas commented on how much they loved it. It’s 3D for god’s sake, how often do you see that! It could hurt someone hehe.

Dinner after and we pretended we were professional product photographers trying to get an artistic shot of Asma’s Sometime bag. I like it a lot actually. Looks like a book, doesn’t it? Might get the gold one for myself. It’s only RM 79!

My knight in shining armor came and was shocked to see 3 shopping bags.

“They’re all essentials! Things I can wear everyday. I promise!”

“Of course they are,” Dean said stroking my head.

I thought I heard sarcasm in there but I chose to brush it off.

Tried on all the pieces at home as soon as I put my bag down.

Ok fine, might have gone overboard with the “essentials”.

I mean, look, there’s also a Suri & Lana skirt on the far left that I got recently telling Dean it’s an essential piece. I’ll wear it tomorrow, you just wait!