handbag tree

September 2, 2012

You guys know how much I value my belongings. Ok fine, clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags to be exact. Everything else can just go in a box.

I obviously envisioned my personal wardrobe area for the truckload of clothes that come with me and Dean knew this before he married me.

There’s one small area in our home that’s just empty and I’m turning that into a wardrobe room. All white fixtures with a nice feminine carpet and fresh flowers. Maybe a lush velvet loveseat for me to sit and stare at my clothes.

I’ve been taking my time with my White Room (hence the constant background of the shared brown wardrobe in PD Daily) and finally my white dresser arrived yesterday. Now time to get white cabinets!

I also fell in love with this hanging rack we found at Gudang.

I might paint it white to blend in with the White Room.

(Well, realistically it will stay brown forever because I have other things to do).

I wanted to make like a handbag tree for me to hang my everyday bags. I know some people like to keep theirs closed in the original box and all (Hi mom!) but my handbags like to tan.

Anyway, I made my handbag tree concept very clear to Dean.

“So what is this strictly going to be used for?”

“My wife’s handbags.”

“Good! Now let’s try that one more time…”

I woke up one morning….






It’s like talking to a wall.