husband and business partner

September 30, 2012

Every single interview I have, the same question will come up: How is it like working with your husband? You go to work with him, you come home with him, you go to sleep with him. You’re together all the time.

I’m wearing a ZAZA printed cardigan.

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I guess it’s a bit odd to some people and it’s a different experience for every couple out there. But I give the same answer to anyone who asks me: “Well we’re not trying to kill each other…yet.”

Truth is, we have so much fun together. We’re the best of friends and be it work or personal life, we honestly do have loads of fun together. I think I hit jackpot with this guy and I really need to up my ibadah to Allah swt cos it’s unreal! Ask anyone who works at FashionValet; we’re such a clingy couple. We’re always laughing with each other and at each other. Of course we fight, but that’s usually because Dean’s annoying and won’t say sorry. Other than that, I don’t know how it works but it apparently does.

I have to admit there is no line between work and personal once you work together. Sometimes we’re at the dining table discussing an idea or how to solve a crisis, then we’ll go “Ok so settle ah?”, high five each other and share an ice cream tub on the couch while watching The Voice. (I’m always Team Blake!! Btw, Christina’s cleavage is crazy. I always have to cover Dean’s eyes…)

I guess if you treat work and life positively, everything’s going to just be a challenging ball of fun. No matter how hard, you’ll love your work, you’ll love your life, and you’ll love each other. Insyaallah, I really hope we’ll stay like this forever.

Almost 6 years of love and almost 2 years of building FV, it is what it is; we’re not trying to kill each other…. yet. Hehe.

How bout you? Can you work with your other half?