investing in property

September 19, 2012

Sticky post until all units are sold out. Haha. Scroll down for updates.


We’ve been getting crazy a lot of calls and bookings! Hurry and get yours if you’re interested.

Sorry for the lack of info.

The apartment details:

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

869 sf

Located in Titi Tinggi

Guaranteed rental by UniMAP for 15 years

Leasehold 99 years

Completion date

1st phase: Jan 2013

2nd phase: April 2013

For more info, please call Ivy directly (number at the bottom of this post).

Leaflets can also be emailed to you if you want. Just email me at with the subject “LEAFLET”.


After getting married, now I’m thinking more and more about my future and finances. If Dean and I were going to start a family, we need to think about some serious finance stuff.

Putting money in the bank is great, but the returns are pretty low. Like it or not, money makes money so we’ve got to spend first to make money. (True for a lot of things)

Shares, gold, property, so many things you can invest in now with whatever capital you have. Property is ย my dad’s favourite, so I’ve been taught to also learn about property and investing in the good ones. It doesn’t have to be high end! High end properties are lucrative investments, but not all of us can afford millions of ringgit in loan.

Things to look out for when investing in property:

1) Location – for obvious reasons. Strategic location will attract tenants, so look out for nearby shoplots, public transport, density, facilities, whether or not there’s a big supermarket chain there.

2) Price – compare with surrounding properties, but also bear in mind prices could be different due to extraordinary features/facilities, more strategic location etc.

3) Potential tenant – who would rent this property? If it’s near schools or a business area, definitely you’ll have a better chance of having tenants, either students (or their clingy parents) or the working class. Check also if the developer has some special guaranteed rental schemes.

4) Loans – Developers will usually help you do this since they have a network of preferred banks they work with. But you can also “shop” for loans by asking banks about their repayment plans.

5) Downpayment – usually 10% of the property price has to be paid upfront. The rest, you can take loan.

There is this loan calculator you can go on to see which investment is suitable for you. You just key in the property value and how many years you would like to take the loan for. From there they’ll calculate how much you’ll have to pay a month and you can see if it’s realistic for you or not. Pretty cool, eh?

I might be biased here but I would soooo recommend my dad’s development in Perlis. Simply because he’s clever and I’m not kidding.

Not only is he building a development for the biggest university in Perlis, UniMAP, he has also managed to secure guaranteed rental returns for the buyers of the student apartments.

It’s honestly an investment you shouldn’t turn your back on, because it’s so rare that you are guaranteed rental returns to your investment. You are sure to make money as soon as you buy.

Let me tell you more.

We’re building a uni campus comprising shop lots, libraries, lecture rooms and student apartments. When he told me about it, I said please make sure it’s a fun campus with lots of activities where students can have fun as well as study. Like where I studied in London, the campus life was so happening! So it would be so cool to recreate that atmosphere for UniMAP in Perlis.


As you can see, there are blocks of apartments and shop lots, and there is also a big boulevard strip in the center where all the activities from the uni will take place. With awesome location in Perlis, university backup, ready crowd and loads of activities and shop lots, I’m so excited to introduce to you this development.

Now here’s the best part.ย 

The university (a public university funded by the government) has promised to rent all of the student apartments for 15 years. So if you buy a unit, you have a guaranteed rental paid to you for 15 years. After that, the property is yours to do whatever you want, or you can renew the contract. Can you imagine! For 15 years, you will just be getting income and not worry. We’re also offering free legal fees and free assistance on loans with banks.

Each unit is RM 168,000.

So if you take a 90% loan, you can see how much you’ll have to pay each month.

Just a rough estimation. Interest rates might differ.

I put there 30 years repayment, because of my young age. The older you are, the less likely the bank will allow such a long period.

So if I base on this, I only have to pay RM 800+ each month to the bank for my loan. And the university is paying me over RM 1,100+ each month for rent for 15 years. So I don’t have anything to worry about. Rental income each month, AND I own a property for life.

We were in the press too.

At our launch, it seemed like the whole Perlis came to sign up! We’re almost sold out with very few units left that we reserved for KL peeps. So if you don’t want to miss this opportunity while we’re still young, GET A UNIT QUICK.ย 

Call Ivy at 03-20952703 or 012-6199952.