laundry time

September 1, 2012

I love how this Cucito necklace blended so well with my Alex[a]lexa cardigan and black ensemble.

But that’s not the point of this post. This outfit was what I wore to get laundry stuff. Haha.

Ok so we desperately needed to do laundry.

Of course I’ve done it before back in London where I lived on my own, so it’s not like I’m new to it. But back then, my mom just taught me one detergent brand to buy, one button to press and the thing will spin. I’ve never used a dryer in my life because I just hung the clean wet laundry on the rack and watched it dry. Some days I use a hairdryer, depending on how free I was that day.

This time, it’s a whole new machine, a whole new country, a whole new brand of products, and a whole new guy’s expensive shirts that I can’t shrink and say whooops.


It was hilarious at the supermarket.

“Which one is detergent, which one is conditioner?!”

“Why so many things?!”

“Baby, what’s low suds?”

“I’m confused. There are too many colours.”

“There’s only one left of this. It must be good. Let’s get it.”

Since we couldn’t decide, yeah we got that one.

My BIL on the other hand was busy being not so helpful.

“Look, Vivy, this is you.”


We now have the detergent and conditioner, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have no idea how to use the washing machine at home.

So, I took my sister out on her birthday. Nice lunch, some shopping, then a “Hey, why don’t you come over and hang?”… when secretly, I needed her to teach me a whole new chapter.

Housewife 101: Laundry.

Top: VivianCo.

Necklace: per te

Leggings: Uniqlo

Ok so the bottom one is the washing machine, top is always dryer.

(My sister added a “bengong” at the end, but I shall omit that to make her sound like a nice person)

She taught me every single thing from reading labels, sorting out colours, prewash, rinse, temperature, spin bla bla.

In the end, I pressed start at Quick 30 because I needed my undies pronto.

(and because SIL told me about it before)

Taking notes as my sister gave tips

“There, you have laundry stuff right there!” my sister pointed out.

“Yeah, Nani got that for me. But it just says Colour Care and Top so I had no idea whether it’s detergent or conditioner.”

She gave me a look.

“Oh, shut up.”

I learned so much today!!!

Here, I’ll share with you my notes.

Thank you, God, for giving me a sister.