open house

September 12, 2012

My inlaws had an open house so we menyibuk and invited our friends to join the party.

Was such a fun day and I ate so much because different friends came at different times.

Tip for next event: have a set time for your friends so everyone comes at once!

We’re thinking of having our own housewarming party since we had so much fun having friends around.

Some pics to share:

I cannot stand durians. I didn’t go near any of these girls after.

Kim’s wearing the popular INNAI Jules topΒ from FV.

I had many emails asking how to do my bun. I shall whip up my first ever tutorial on that.

Thinking of a video tutorial but I have no idea how to do a professional one.

My kurung was personally chosen by my awesome FIL and my beautiful stone earrings are from per te.