still a newlywed

September 17, 2012

We’ve been married for over 2 months now, and every function we go together someone will definitely say “Wahhh pengantin baru!”.

So I asked my sister, “When are you no longer considered a newlywed?”

She answered, “When the henna on your nails finish.”

Did you guys know that?! I never knew there was such thing.

I’m still a newlywed! Haha.

Ring by Gantung.

It’s obviously been wonderful. I feel so complete now with a husband and we’re enjoying our time a bit too much, what with the eating all the time syndrome. I really don’t ever want us to stop feeling this way about each other.

But I’m realizing now how it is to be a wife. Laundry has a gazillion steps to it, dust still come every day that I think my vacuum is tired, glass on tables don’t magically shine. And worst of all, if you live on your own, you have no one to call if there’s a cicak or a cockroach. It’s all up to you to scream at them and rip their lives apart. I hate them so much and I feel so geli you have no idea. I wish you could see me in the house, screaming and running across the hallway with my Dyson in hand. One time, I saw a cockroach in the toilet and I screamed and jumped into the bathtub to hide from it. I’ve covered all sorts of possible holes with masking tape, and they still manage to come in somehow. If I could I would tape my whole house!

I need to call the pest control pronto!

Each time it gets killed, I have to keep reminding myself it’s going to heaven, it’s going to heaven, don’t worry…

And I’m used to waking up at a certain time. So I’m finding it hard to wake up, get ready, make-up and hair, snap a PD Daily, make breakfast for Dean, wait for him to eat, then wash the dishes when he’s done. By the time that all happens, I have to do my make-up and hair again because I look like a mess after running around all over the house. Dean, on the other hand, gets ready in a jiffy; wake up, shower, put on shirt and pants, finish story. So in the end, he has to wait for me in the morning before we go to work. I guess there’s only one answer for wives; wake up earlier!

I’m learning one step at a time, and Dean’s been really sweet and understanding that this is all new to me so let’s order Dominos tonight.

One day, Dean was going to a meeting so I sent him to the door. Usually he’d just give me a kiss and go.

But that day, I felt a bit more wife-y, so I held out my hand and took his hand,  bent down and kissed it.

“What’s this?” Dean asked, confused.

“I don’t know. I saw it in a Malay film. All the wives do that, so you know… peer pressure.”

“Uhh… ok….”