two wonderful women

September 1, 2012

We went back to Ipoh for a relative’s wedding and we stopped by Opah’s house.

It was Dean’s first time in my kampung and I was excited to tell him my memories before Opah lived in KL with us.

The house felt so empty and it made me miss Opah loads.

Her bed

Her favourite chair and tongkat

A picture of us by her bed and her green alarm clock.

A picture of my Tok (Dad’s mom) by her bed, they were very close Opah and Tok.

It was beautiful to see both my beloved grandmas like that.

And of course, I had to check the most important thing….

Her wardrobe.

The woman really has only one style huh?

Floral print Kedah tops.


We all miss you both, but don’t worry about us!

Sending lots of chocolates (doa) to you now, Opah and Tok!!