free upsize

October 30, 2012

People are still crazy over peplum. Anything peplum at FV sells so fast, even we don’t get a chance. But I snapped this up real quick.

Peplum top by Dude & The Duchess and bronze necklace by Gantung.

Went out with some friends to Baskin Robbins the other day to try out my Free Upsize. (Did you guys know you can get an automatic free upsize NOW if you say you want the Proudduck special? Without even anything, you get a free upsize if you simply ask!)

Have you been seeing this around Baskin Robbins outlets?

So cool right?!!

So now you get to see all the contestants and what their promises to Malaysia is. Not trying to be biased here (Ok I totally am! Hehe), but still think mine’s the best!

So we ordered the Free Upsize and one normal one.


Looks so sad next to my upsize.


It’s huge guys!! 2 whole scoops, so satisfied after.

The best thing about the Free Upsize is that you can mix 2 flavors. Since we all have those indecisive moments on which ice cream flavor to choose, this is just awesome!

So let all Malaysians have this option in 2013. Drop your egos and click here to vote for me because I will make that happen if I win this campaign.


So vote here!

Don’t forget to email your screenshots of your vote at

I’ve got an exciting giveaway but I won’t announce it yet.

Also, don’t forget.

THIS SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER 12 TO 5 go to Baskin Robbins The Curve outlet. I’ll be scooping free ice-cream for you AND there will be giveaways too!