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October 1, 2012

So the girls in the office have made a pact. To eat healthier!

Some of us even went the extra mile to put up gentle reminders all over the pantry.

Then one of us said “The world would be a better place if all the healthy stuff is in one pill! Finish story!”

Well well…. There is!


Blackmores Multivitamin + Wholefood Nutrients

This is the latest product from them where the multivits actually have an extra layer of wholefoods in them for the extra nutrients boost. They also help provide a healthier and energetic you, and God knows I need that these days juggling work and house chores.

What are wholefood nutrients, you ask? Well, they’re nutrients and phytonutrients that are contained in food. You know, the good stuff! And they are present in these ingredients below.

The wholefoods in one multivit are:

1)   Spirulina – fights cancer, boost immune system, good for weight loss since no sugar in spirulina

2)   Reishi Mushroom – reduces blood pressure, helps with cancer, fatigue, asthma, anti-bacterial, antioxidant

3)   White Tea – it’s the least processed tea, high antioxidant level, prevents cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol

4)   Wheatgrass – increases red blood cell count, powerful detoxifier, fights tumor, neutralizes toxin.

Amazing what one pill can do for you. No joke ok. As we get older, we hear more and more of people around us getting diseases and sickness. We should definitely not be arrogant and think we can’t be one of them. So prevent from NOW!!

No matter how much we eat, we can never achieve at par with what ONE of those tablets can give our bodies.

Check out this Nutrient Calculator. Ok, so the cool peeps call it Nutribeat Groove Counter.

Key in (if you dare) all the food you’ve eaten today. DO NOT CHEAT GOD KNOWS OK. Then it’s calculate the nutrients and compare with one tablet of the Multivit + Wholefoods.

Then just to be even cooler, you can see which music celebrity you are most likely to be friends with based on their nutrient level too! Are you a Gaga, or are you a Kanye West?

Dare to share??

Mine is…..

I’m NOLAH JONES! What about you? Click here to find out!

Oh oh! At the end of the test, answer some questions about the product and you might just win a prizeeeee; a free pass to the Original Bootcamp Experience.

Let’s give our bodies the best that it deserves.  Start protecting ourselves now!

Learn more about Blackmores here.