bag(uette) lady

October 15, 2012

When Mom says she’s making roast beef, the whole family unites.

Suddenly, we’re all efficient. We don’t only come on time, we even show up earlier.

“Are you going to help me?” Mom asked.

“Of course I’ll help, Mom! I’ll buy the baguette and cut them for you.”


On a mission to cut baguette.

Uishhh my mom so lucky got daughter like this.


She’s probably rolling her eyes reading this.

I wrote the recipe on PD before from 2009!! Read the post here. 3 years on, nothing much has changed in Mom’s kitchen. Haha.

My top is from Dude & The Duchess (from size XS to L!). I love that it’s somewhat structured at the shoulders with a touch of orange at the sides.