blab it out

October 5, 2012

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Let’s face it. We women are volatile beings. Some days we’re happy, some days we’re sad, some days we get mad at our partners for no reason. Some days we just want to be alone on the beanbag and not be bothered.

Wearing Alex[a]lexa cardigan.

Well, I say don’t hold it in.


And Libresse totally understands that. As one of the awesome women’s sanitary pad brand, I would expect them to understand PMS inside out.

That’s why they came up with this genius Facebook app called the Barometer.

What it wants you to do?

To just let out your feelings, girlfriends!!!!

When you want to express your feelings about something, or you simply want to talk and no one else is listening, go on Libresse Barometer app.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Libresse will post up Question of The Day. The most random questions that are fun and current. So all you have to do is give your opinion! It’s like talking to your friend.

Only better.

Becauseeeee unlike our friends, Libresse will actually reward us for blabbing on to them about our feelings.

Every week, 3 winners will be selected to receive surprises. The ones that will win are the most interesting sentiments  (2 winners) and the most active participants (1 winner).

Since I was feeling chatty, I thought I’d check it out.

You can choose any question you want. I chose the Beyonce one.

Type our your feelings about Beyonce.

You can even record yourself! Don’t worry, you can disguise your voice as well so no one can detect it. I heard myself as a chipmunk. It’s quite sexy.

Then just share it with your friends so you can have a debate with them too!

That easy, and you might just win a surprise!

Go to their Facebook page and try this app now.