candy store

October 10, 2012

Quirky Brown Cow top (comes in white and black) and Gantung necklace

I’m not a big accessories person, simply because I feel a bit rimas. Especially bangles because I type on my laptop a lot and they get in the way.

But I really can’t help myself these days, being surrounded by all these colorful and quirky accessories makes me feel like a kid in a candy store… (or just like me in a pasar malam during Ramadhan). I never saw myself with colored statement necklaces like the above picture, I’m always into simple pendants or pearls.

But mannn… when stocks roll in and the team uploads them on the website, I just see myself clicking.

Accessories are addictive, and it’s never one and you’re done. You start thinking ohhh it doesn’t go with this outfit, I need to get a green one too, and I guess the blue one is a must to match my blue bag… hmm… should I get a plain black one so it can go with everything? Dean’s already complaining that I spend too much time in the dressing room and less in the kitchen. Hehe.


You think it’s easy working at FV. It’s temptation for us every single day.