October 9, 2012

We’re on VenusBuzz today!

Read it here.

Did you know that FashionValet is going to be at ChurpOut 2012 this weekend?!

Please tell me you already know about it. Where’ve you been guyssssss.

It’s happening this Saturday at Publika.

There’s gonna be booths by your favourite fashion bloggers, arcade games, cheerleading performances, just awesome awesome stuff la!

FV is also opening a booth and offering exclusive discounts to people who come say hey.

Andddddd at night, we’re having a fashion show while Daphne Iking spins DJ-style. Our fashion show is styled by our very own Asma’ and Kim. I’ve seen the looks line-up and I love it!! Hope all goes well on Saturday!

8.30 pm! See you ahhhhh.