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October 9, 2012

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I’ve never really been into the medical scene simply because I’m scared of all these organs, cells and blood talk. I can’t even have people touch the back of my wrist because I heard if someone cuts it, blood just shoot out like a fountain.

How I passed biology is a mystery to me. Love you, God.

But lately I’ve been learning a bit about organ donation when the FV girls were discussing whether or not they would donate their organs. One of the girls said they had already signed up to be an organ donor! She wants to be anonymous so I shall call her Nice. Nice even showed us her card!

I always thought that when you die, your body should be in one piece, but perhaps that’s a selfish way to think.

So I learned a bit more.

By checking out the NTRCTV Youtube channel.

I watched this video and got inspired to learn a bit more. They got me at “I have the power to change lives.” I was thinking oooohhh me too!

Transplantation / Transfer of organs is the best method to save a patient’s life whose organ has failed.  A donor with the functioning organs can donate, but it must be consented. Usually the donor is already dead but the organs are still functioning. These types of donor can save AT LEAST 6 LIVES and can give sight to 2 people. Amazing right?!!

For donors who are alive, we can donate ONE OF OUR KIDNEYS or A PART OF OUR LIVER, but this can only be done amongst family members.

So there are 2 things you can donate; organs and tissues.

In Malaysia, you can only donate these organs:

1)   Heart

2)   Lungs

3)   Kidney

4)   Liver

In Malaysia, you can only donate these tissues:

1)   Skin

2)   Heart valve

3)   Kornea

4)   Bones

It’s quite a serious thing to think about, especially when someone out there really needs something, and you are able to give. If they have a chance to live because of you, would you want to help?

From a religious perspective, most religions give the green light on organ donation. In Islam, apparently the fatwa since 1970 encourages organ donation. Other religions like Christianity, Buddhism and others also don’t forbid organ donation.

Now statistics up to 31 August 2012:

Patients who are waiting for organs/tissues: More than 15,500 people

Registered organs donor pledger: 203,497 people

Registered organs and tissues donor pledger: 147,804 people

I was so happy to see these statistics! The awareness is increasing and it can only be good news to patients in need. God bless those who are helping.

Now I have to do some serious thinking and talk to my family. You should too!

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