frying fish

October 4, 2012

One of my best comfort food is ikan goreng, nasi and kicap. I loveeee that dish and I could have plates and plates of just that.

As simple as that dish is, I have never made it in my life. So I thought I’d wing it one night. How hard can it be la right?

When I marinated the fish with salt and turmeric, I squealed. I have never had to molest anything raw that was a whole. I mean, chicken and beef, you only see the meat. but fish…fish you see the whole thing!! Its eyes judging you, its mouth frowning.

Look at them! They look so angry.

Dean just had to come and take a picture of me being all geli as I marinated them.

Wearing Nana G Sylvie top.

After wiping my tears and saying sorry to the fish, I left it to marinate for half an hour.

When it was time to fry, oil was popping everywhere so I had to cover my face.

“Don’t you squirt on this, fish!! I’m sorryyyy!!”

MIL recommended me to buy the net thing to cover the frying pan so oil won’t splash.

Must steal from her house one of these days.

After a few minutes…voila!

One of the most satisfying yet simplest comfort food in the whole wide world.