handbag inspired by me

October 11, 2012

What I wore.

Love the gold against the blue.

Wearing my Cangkuk necklace and Dude & The Duchess sleeveless top

It was an exciting day because my bag was coming!! Remember my tweet about me designing a handbag for a brand?

Wellllll…. we had our initial meeting of what we thought my bag would look like. And it was sooo hard!!! There are just too many nice handbags out there in the world that I couldn’t seem to decide on ONE.

My requirements were:

1) Must be big enough to fit a laptop

2) Must be classy

3) Must have huge compartment

4) Must be convertible to a sling bag as well

5) Must not be made from tacky material

The sample was finally here!! I was so excited because it had everything I wanted and it looked gooooood!

(Of course I’m being biased. Hehe.)

Now it’s the even harder part; colour and print selection.

How on earth do I choose???

Ah, good luck to me la.

This bag will be launched late Nov in time for my birthday and of course, Christmas!