last scan

October 31, 2012

So SIL is going to give birth in the next week or so!

Everyone’s pretty pumped up (first cucu of the family, he’s gonna be soooooo spoiled!) and at her last checkup before the big pop, we all crammed in the doctor’s scanning room to see our nephew.

Anxious for our turn (our turn, hahaha) in the waiting room.

Waited so long that I even caught BIL taking notes from Cosmetic Surgery.

Finally SIL got called, so she entered the doc’s room with all of us trailing behind with excited faces. There’s just no cool way to fill up a doc’s office with your family members, seriously. Haha.

When the doctor showed us the screen, I was just amazed.

“Look, it’s just like photoshop! I could do this….” I told Dean afterwards.

We heard the baby’s heartbeat and man, I was quite shocked at how loud it was. It’s just so real!

Mommy is ready!

“I just can’t wait to get this out of me. I miss eating sushi… I miss wearing high heels…” were her exact words, actually.

Come on, guess. How many more days to big pop?

Wishing her a very very easy delivery, Insyaallah!

If there are any tips for her to prepare for her due date, do share ok.