mumo 2013 press conference

October 24, 2012

Yesterday marked another milestone in FashionValet’s journey.

The judges; stylist Benjamin Tong, former beauty queens Nadine Ann Thomas, Andrea Fonseka, Kavita Sidhu and TV presenter Ben Ibrahim.

Andrea giving speech to the press

Dean giving speech to the press

Judges, FashionValet and SP Setia

Proud moment to be there!

At a press conference in SP Setia Convention Centre, it was announced that FashionValet will be the Main Presenter of Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 (MUMO 2013). As you know, 17 ladies are competing for the 1 crown that is Miss Universe Malaysia 2013. For the past months, they have been groomed and coached and gym-ed and whatnot to turn themselves to become Miss Universe-worthy under the wings of National Director Andrea Fonseka.

Of course I too auditioned. They said I was too tall. Bahahahahah.

Anyway, in November, 5 episodes will air on TV about the journey of these ladies. And on December 10, there will be a live  gala night where 8 finalists will compete and 1 Miss Universe will be chosen to represent Malaysia in the international arena. Exciting huh!

These ladies have and will again adorn items from FashionValet, so stay tuned to watch ok! I will give updates once the episode’s about to come out.