new floor

October 10, 2012 • 7 comments • 1810 views

For those who didn’t manage to catch the finals of MYEG Make The Pitch… well, WE WON THE INVESTMENT!!!!!!!!


The whole team was thrilled, gave Dean high-fives and we obviously celebrated like mad in the office.

But only for a few minutes. Then we realised the pressure was ON.

Yes we have more investment, but also more to prove and a bigger task to work on.

We can do it, yooooo!!! We’re so pumped up!!!!

We’re busy working on different projects, expanding our awesome team, a better customer experience, a better everything la!

As part of our expansion plan, we have a whole new floor to do up (because our new team members demanded to have tables and chairs to sit on, such divas…)

A whole new space, 12 different ladies screaming about having walk-in wardrobes, flowers, stuff on the wall, gorgeous curtains. (Dean left us halfway obviously)

So I entrusted Nani to do the job because she’s all into this artsy fartsy design stuff.

Look at her with her clipboard and layout and CAD design whatever.

She’s wearing a Pestle & Mortar tshirt and Alex[a]lexa pants.

While some of us enjoyed the “garden” view.

And others found amusement in another room….

“Boss, there are 3 urinals here but it doesn’t make sense at all. No way 3 men can stand here without going Oh sorry terkena bro…”