new floor

October 10, 2012

For those who didn’t manage to catch the finals of MYEG Make The Pitch… well, WE WON THE INVESTMENT!!!!!!!!


The whole team was thrilled, gave Dean high-fives and we obviously celebrated like mad in the office.

But only for a few minutes. Then we realised the pressure was ON.

Yes we have more investment, but also more to prove and a bigger task to work on.

We can do it, yooooo!!! We’re so pumped up!!!!

We’re busy working on different projects, expanding our awesome team, a better customer experience, a better everything la!

As part of our expansion plan, we have a whole new floor to do up (because our new team members demanded to have tables and chairs to sit on, such divas…)

A whole new space, 12 different ladies screaming about having walk-in wardrobes, flowers, stuff on the wall, gorgeous curtains. (Dean left us halfway obviously)

So I entrusted Nani to do the job because she’s all into this artsy fartsy design stuff.

Look at her with her clipboard and layout and CAD design whatever.

She’s wearing a Pestle & Mortar tshirt and Alex[a]lexa pants.

While some of us enjoyed the “garden” view.

And others found amusement in another room….

“Boss, there are 3 urinals here but it doesn’t make sense at all. No way 3 men can stand here without going Oh sorry terkena bro…”