niece’s dora bag

October 28, 2012

I don’t get much time with my nephew and niece anymore. I’m busy with work, but when I’m free, they’re always not. Super happening these kids! Swimming date la, movie la, park la… too much!

So I decided one of the only times I can see them is in between their activities.

Picked niece up from school the other day and hung out with her in the car. Even though it was 5 mins, it was enough to cure my niece-deprivation.

“Eh, maksu! Why are you here?” she asked when she walked out of the kindergarten.

Sheesshh some greeting. Nice to see you too! -___-

Then in the car she mumbled some stuff about something interesting about her life.

I was more interested in her outfit.

Her top’s tucked out over a puffy skirt. She looked so sloppy. What is all this?

And don’t get me started on the overdose vomit of pink.

Much better.

Anyway, I always wondered what kids her age carry in their bag. Since they don’t need a phone or wallet or laptop or calculator or camera or makeup, and the books and stationery are provided in school…

And they always say what you carry in your bag says a lot about yourself…

So I entertained my curious mind while she was blabbing on, and unzipped the Dora bag.





Yep, that says a lot about her, alright.