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October 14, 2012

Ever since we won the MYEG Make The Pitch investment, we’ve been getting a lot of congratulatory wishes from everyone. Thank you so so much for your well wishes and advice! Invaluable to us. I shall write a post about the experience going on it, for those of you who might be interested to join Season 3.

But for now, here are some article clippings about us:

The Star Newspaper



e27 website

But my favourite article of all….

Dean’s article!

Every single interview, it’s always “How do you compete with big competitors with large pockets?”

So Dean was asked to write an article to address this.

Of course we’re no German billionaires, but we’re not too shabby for a small startup and I’m excited for the future.

Read Dean’s article in Business Circle here.

Also tomorrow (Sunday), don’t forget to catch us! We’re out on Nona TV3 at 2 pm, and also check out The Star Clove newspaper ok!