the biting myth and cendol

October 7, 2012

First Friday of the month! That means my The Star Rage article is out. Read it online here if you missed it.

See that crazy picture of me biting the shoe?

This is the full outfit.

Lou & Li V-neck top and Chic Yamada Lambada pants.

I love how airy and comfy this top is and the fabric they used is pretty luxe.

I had a photoshoot and newspaper interview in the office that day, so everyone had to act busy and hardworking. After the crew left, Dean was like “Who wants to take a break and have some cendol?”

Half of us closed our laptops and zoomed to the door, leaving our more hardworking colleagues behind.

Random roadside dining at 3+ pm.

Nani’s wearing the coolest leggings from this new brand FV carries, SIN. I haven’t gotten a pair myself, but I will soon! Asma’ said I’m not cool enough for them, I’ll show that girl!! Pftttt.

Marissa was getting too embarrassing with her huge sunnies and statement earrings, so we asked her to sit somewhere else.