the danna langkawi

October 22, 2012

So for those who were curious where Dean and I went last weekend, we went to Langkawi!

Another beach holiday after Pangkor. Beaches aren’t my thing, but this was for Dean so I put my preferences aside. *pats head such a good wife…*

I saw this place in TheLuxeNomad and thought it would be perfect for a relaxing weekend where we both can unwind and relax.

The Danna Langkawi.

Have you guys been there?

We arrived and immediately got a neck massage and drinks as a complimentary welcome gift (in fact, we decided everyone should say hello that way). Then, we were whisked away to our room that was so gorgeous, with a beautiful view of the pool and the beach.

We looked at the map of Langkawi and thought oooohhh let’s go here, let’s go there, circling Crocodile Farm and Cable Car etc etc. In the end, our butts never left the pool area. We just went into mega-lazy mode and wanted to soak up as much sun as possible. Just like the matsalehs lying on the beach chairs.

The fun thing about marrying your business partner is that you can always brainstorm ideas and business strategies anytime, even at 3 am with a tub of Baskin Robbins ice cream. This trip wasn’t any different. Even lying down together on the beach, we were bouncing ideas off each other. Was so much fun because our minds were clearer, we were away from distractions and we were in such good moods. I now understand why some people like to go on these short trips. They don’t have to be a waste of time, they can be productive too!

This place is beautiful if you like swimming, eating and relaxing. If you like watersports and those kinds of stuff, then I wouldn’t recommend coming here. It’s more of a private place if you want a quiet getaway with nice food and scenery.

Wearing Marshella pearls and Zaza cardigan.

My very friendly Rip Curl tank top. (available in purple and grey)

Wearing Radzuan Radziwill top and Warehouse pants.

My favourite wrap during this trip, the Peppermint Ave cardigan. (available in 3 colours)

Our trip ended with a nice spa treatment (coconut scrub yummmm) and we’re both now ready to rock the world. Haha.

But first, I need to do laundry.