baby tester

November 14, 2012

The best thing about having a new baby in the family is all the presents and gadgets we get to play with.

I mean, we have to try them out first before giving it to the baby no?

Like this baby holder thingy that sways automatically from left to right. Says it can hold up to 80 kg AND it doesn’t stop swaying ever so you don’t have to keep pushing it.

How true are these claims?

Ok. So it probably can hold 80 kg.

Then MIL swayed me like a baby.

And it eventually stopped swaying! So the thing lied. Pftt.

Not good enough for baby Alex!

So we put him on the table instead. Hehe.

Sigh isn’t he adorable! He sleeps all day long and doesn’t wake up even if you scream into his ear and shake him vigorously. Believe me, Aunty Vivy has tried everything.

Anyway, PD Daily.

Wearing Quirky Brown Cow top, Topshop skirt and Kiss & Tell Poppy heels.