be the light

November 13, 2012

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I have to say I’m so in touch with Raya, but I’m so selfish I don’t even try to learn about other festivities, especially Deepavali that’s coming up. I mean, I know there’s something about light and we all eat muruku a lot on that day, but what’s all the meaning behind it?

So I asked Mr. Know-it-all; Sheikh Wikipedia.

Deepavali, known as Festival of Lights is the most important festival for Hindus. Deepavali means “row of lights” which is why Hindus light small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. And these lamps are kept lit throughout the night to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into the homes. Goddess Lakhsmi represents wealth and prosperity and her blessings are invoked for a good year ahead.

And Hindus will welcome all of us into their open houses, and this is when we should attack the murukus and other sweet dessert they offer! Yumness.

Like recently, I went to a Petronas Deepavali Open House themed “Be The Light.”

Petronas is one of those awesome companies that like to pay tribute to all the major festivities in Malaysia, and I’m sure we all know this via their awesome tear-jerking ads we see on TV.

This year, they are doing more than that:

1)   If you go to KLCC, there’s a GALERI PETRONAS up there. Take a walk into it and you’ll see an exhibition of centuries-old Indian heritage and the present as well. The key driver to their Deepavali Campaign, the exhibition is entitled “Be The Light – A Celebration of Culture and Tradition”. (also when you’re there, you can say Hi to Toots who’s working!)

2)   A series of greetings by a group of talents and personalities. You can check it all out on YouTube.

3)   Deepavali greetings and print ad in local newspapers.

I checked out the gallery during the Open House and everything looked so colourful and amazing. Costumes, dances, the rice designs, henna painting. Go ok!!

Abg Nara, Kak Red and I had a blast pretending to be Indian and knowing stuff.

Namaste? Vanekam? Which one ah?

Abg Nara took a picture of me hugging that flower thing that Indians love. Smells good!

Check out the personalities’ videos too. I liked these 2.

So to the whole of Malaysia, Happy Deepavali!!! Time to pay respect to our Hindu friends. Namaste! (Or umm…. Vanekam….).