boys can be sweet

November 8, 2012

You’d think having sons mean they won’t have as much sensitivity and sweetness that daughters would have. Well, for my MIL that was definitely proven wrong. For her 50th birthday, her sons put their heads together to give her an awesome surprise birthday party.

They stole her phone to get phone numbers of her friends, they bought her a handbag that she simply said she liked months ago, the youngest one saved up his school pocket money to get her a really nice bracelet, and they tiptoed around the house to make sure she doesn’t know a single thing. Suddenly, we all became the best liars ever.

“Huh?? I don’t know where we’re having dinner, Mak. I thought you’re supposed to decide.”

“Dinner? Yeah sure, I guess. Whatever you want.”

Everyone was aloof and was all in a Oh, it’s your birthday today?? mode.

When she walked in, we all shouted SURPRISEEEEE!!! and she was completely speechless! And a few seconds after, she teared! Aw man, I think we all felt the love in the room that night. It was such a fun night that we all will remember for a long time.

Also thanks to The PhotoZ for taking the professional photos that night.

I’m wearing a COVETZ dress that I’m in love with! Crystals on the neck and back button.

Happy birthday, Mak! May Allah bless you with all the happiness now and in the hereafter. We all love you mucho mucho!!

Cake by Geateauxlicious