first company trip

November 29, 2012

So you probably thought I was going on a romantic getaway, just Dean and I.

Off to hear the sea breeze and watch the sunset together.

Well, we did.

But with these other goons too!

We had our first ever company trip and it was a really really really nice break for all of us. We bonded, we laughed, we played so many games as a group and for once, we didn’t worry about doing work.

While we check them in -___-

Because Asma’ loves my PDA.

We stayed at Avilion PD and I have to say it’s quite a beautiful place!

Their iconic turquoise lounge overlooking the sea.

Mimpikita cardigan, Mizz Demeanor pants, and MinzΒ pearl studs.

View from the adult pool (wayyyyy too many screaming children at the general pool)

Love them!

I like God’s creations but this was way too upclose, I was so scared!

Ok so I’m not particularly used to big ants crawling around me.

Rus, Farah and Balqis.

Love Asma’s pose. Hehe.


Models doing what they do best.

While others try…


Marissa can’t hide her love.

I’m wearing a white eyelet top from Jas.C, Simply K headband and Minz pearl studs.

View of the spa village.

What I like about Avilion is that in the bedrooms, there is another space to sleep beside the windows. It’s so cozy and nice.

Wearing SF by Sazzy Falak top and Antyk Butyk necklace.

While others swam, I watched over their stuff and sipped mocktails.

Rus, Intan and Lisa.

Disturbing Kim.

I’m wearing a silk top by Suri & Lana.

On our last night, we surprised Intan with a birthday cake.

And gave her a facial with it.

Group snuggle!

I guess spooning was part of team building.

At the end of the day, I feel so proud of the FashionValet team. Small, but mighty. Everyone of them works so so hard, not stingy with energy or time or knowledge and I hope they know how much Dean and I cherish them. May we all grow old and grumpy together. Sob.