future politician

November 7, 2012

“Maksu, how come your kaftan got koyak koyak?”

Ok so I try to maintain a neat and prim appearance when I leave the house everyday, but my kaftans… my sleeping kaftans… sigh. Only God knows how much I cherish them. Even if they are torn in all the wrong places, I still wear them happily to bed. I can never throw them away, those comfortable things.

“Ohhh cos it’s quite old and I only have this one left.”

“Then why don’t you change into something else?”

“Because this is my only sleeping attire left in this house.”

“You only have ONE?!!”


“Oh that’s too bad. I have a lot of sleeping clothes. I have a hundred.”

“Oh you’re so lucky! Can I borrow some then?”

“But Maksu, you won’t fit them.”

“Why not??”

“Because you’re big and I’m pretty skinny.”

“Are you calling me FAT??????”

“Noooooooo of course you’re not fat. It’s just that you’re just….”

“I’m fat, aren’t I?”

“Noooooo… you’re just really… umm… you’re just really tall, Maksu! I’m very short next to you. You’re very tall. You’re the tallest person I’ve ever met.”

Sighhh 6-year old liars. They melt me.

Especially my nephew. I’m telling you, he would make an awesome politician with his charisma.

My sister and her 2 angels.