i heart post-its

November 23, 2012

Everytime I get a stack of post-it notes, I will keep it like gold. I feel so sayang to use even one. It’s like the most luxurious RM 5 ever.

Funny thing is Kim is also like that. One day, I ter-broke her stack of post-its and she was so pissed off with me.

So when this we saw Rus covering her table with useless post-it messages, we were just amazed with this creature.

Wearing Asimareen cardigan and Lux + Bu necklace.

“Pick up Jasmine.”

“Don’t forget, Aimee tumpang balik everyday!!!!! OK?!!”

“Kiss & Tell Poppy Size 40!”

“Next week I want the Serena Peep Toe Majigy.”

“How to change colour?”

“Kim’s garang.”

“Dear Vivy, I love you.”

And a reply from me, “Stop wasting Post-its!”